Patient Satisfaction Survey

Summary of Responses of Patient Satisfaction Survey
Conducted between April and June 2018

The DEC is committed to providing a safe and high quality service to all our patients and community at all times. For many years we have surveyed our patients to identify areas of strength and weakness to enable us to fairly assess our services and ensure they meet the needs of our patients, referring doctors and the overall community. Many areas of care are assessed and each is reviewed individually and as a part of the whole survey, to best ensure quality patient outcomes at all times.

During April to June 2018 we received 246 completed surveys. We would like to thank all those we took the time to assist us by providing valuable feedback to us. We will use this feedback to improve our services and will develop education to help our staff achieve our goals.

We received 246 completed surveys and the results are as follows:

98% (240/246) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the test they were having

97% (239/246) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the account payments

97% (239/246) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the preparation for their test

81% (199/246) of patients responded they received a SMS confirmation of their appointment. 91.5% (182/199) of patients felt the SMS had fulfilled their requirements for reconfirming their appointment

86% (212/246) of patients had no difficulty in finding the DEC

96% (236/246) of patients felt they had adequate privacy throughout their stay at the DEC

Adverse Reactions Post Procedure

78% (187/246) patients did not experience any adverse reaction post procedure.

Patients were asked to nominate where they had experienced nausea, vomiting, bruising at injection site, abdominal pain or wind pain.

Many respondents commented their reactions were only minor and were only really noting them as we had prompted them to do so.

Post Procedure Responses

98% (241/246) of patients felt they were ready to go home at the time of discharge

98% (241/246) of patients responded they knew how to care for themselves

94% (232/246) of patients felt they knew the nature of their problem at discharge

89% (218/246) of patients felt they had been involved in the decision making process

98% (240/246) of patients felt their rights and responsibilities had been respected

68% (167/246) of respondents have previously attended the DEC for treatment.

Comments received

Here is a sample of comment received from our respondents:

  • “You should all be given an award. Friendly, Kind, thoughtful and a credit to your profession.”
  • “All staff including receptionists were very helpful”
  • “Very efficient and no delays in procedure time”
  •  “Outstanding. I felt well cared for at every stage. Your staff are superb. Gave me a lot of confidence.”
  • “I appreciate the good service and friendly atmosphere”
  • “Very well looked after by reception, nursing and admin staff, anaesthetists and specialist. Will definitely return to clinic for future scheduled colonoscopies.”
  • “Could not fault anything, Very efficient.”
  • “All the staff and doctors could not do more than they did to help me. Thank you”
  • “The staff were exceedingly attentive and cheerful”
  • “The staff were very professional and caring. I felt safe and cared for the whole time. PS the coffee was amazing- keep it up!”
  • “Wonderful service by efficient and very pleasant staff”
  • “Really appreciated being treated with dignity with what could otherwise be an undignified experience, awesome staff. Thank you!”
  • Nurses were very attentive
  • “Enjoyed the pampering and the whole experience was caring and kind.”
  • “Was happy with all aspects of my experience at the DEC.”
  • “Staff had a very caring manner before and after the procedure. Thank you!!!”
  • “The entire experience was outstanding. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very informative throughout the process. Excellent facility. Peppermint tea and sandwich made my day. Thank you!”
  • “Wonderful front desk people and wonderful nursing support”
  • All in all everything was provided by staff to make the morning as good as it can get.
  •  “The courtesy extended by all at this centre is second to none- Most respectful and caring. Thank you!”
  • As pleasant as the procedure can could possibly be. Efficient and friendly staff and Doctors.
  • A special thanks to the Doctors Carolyn and Sabine and staff for excellent professional care you all made me feel comfortable and a VIP
  • “I thought the service provided from admission to discharge was excellent and thank you”
  • “Keep on doing what you are doing. It all works efficiently and professionally.”
  • “10/10!”
  • “I found all the staff were very helpful and caring. I was impressed and was made to feel comfortable and reassured.”
  • “Attentive staff- kind anaesthetist- helped with my migraine with extra fluids and pain relief”
  • “Very professional and efficient service- looking forward to the next visit in three years!”
  • “The staff were friendly, approachable and helpful. A great thing to experience, please keep it up!”
  • “Excellent care given from the front desk staff at 7:40am. Excellent nursing care and very professional care by the Doctor’s”
  • “You have a brilliant team! Please don’t change anything!”
  • “Doctors, anaesthetist, nurses and receptionists were all warm and engaging”
  • “All staff and Doctors, nurse etc. were so kind and considerate- 5 Stars!”
  • “The staff are always familiar and very pleasant and relaxed which makes me feel less worried. The doctors and facility is run like well-oiled machine”
  • “Watching the nursing staff do their thing was amazing, great staff!”
  • “The friendly staff and medical personnel made the experience much more pleasant than expected, Thank you”
  • “Everyone was totally AMAZING”
  •  “I felt so looked after during the entire time. Very caring staff and I felt quite spoilt”
  • Thanks for everything, process was great from start to finish.
  • “All the reception, nursing and doctors were very polite. Knowledgeable and had a sense of humour, thank you”
  • “Your Doctors, Front desk and especially the nurses did an amazing job and put me at ease. So friendly, kind and patient as it is the first time for me to go under sedation”
  • “If you were a hotel I would book in for a long weekend stay- even the egg sandwiches were great!”