On March 20th and 21st, 2024, the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre proudly achieved NSQHS accreditation (second edition) against the National Standards, marking a successful completion without any recommendations. We are thrilled to share this accomplishment with our community.
We extend our gratitude to our staff, clinical team, and patients for their contributions to our success and ongoing dedication as we persist in our mission to provide clinical excellence and optimal patient outcomes.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Summary of Responses of Patient Satisfaction Survey
Conducted between April and June 2019

The DEC has a long standing commitment to the provision of exceptional care to all patients through our quality program. We have, for many years, sought feedback from our patients and referring doctors to ensure we meet the needs of our community.

This feedback is provided verbally and in writing, through the completion of patient satisfaction surveys and referring doctor surveys. This information is carefully reviewed and improvements are included in our protocols and policies to enhance the overall experiences for all persons either using the DEC services or providing services to us.

Where patients identify themselves, we work with them to implement recommendations and feedback to them the outcomes of their feedback. Many areas of care are assessed and each is reviewed individually and as a part of the whole survey, to best ensure quality patient outcomes at all times.

During April to June 2019 we received 305 completed surveys. We would like to thank all those we took the time to assist us by providing valuable feedback to us. We will use this feedback to improve our services and will develop education to help our staff achieve our goals.

We received 305 completed surveys and the results are as follows:

100% (305/305) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the test they were having:

99.67% (304/305) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the account payments

98.04% (299/305) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the preparation for their test

93.44% (285/305) of patients responded they received a SMS confirmation of their appointment. 99.67% (304/305) of patients felt the SMS had fulfilled their requirements for reconfirming their appointment

99.67% (304/305) of patients had no difficulty in finding the DEC

98.69% (301/305) of patients felt they had adequate privacy throughout their stay at the DEC

Adverse Reactions Post Procedure

93.44% (285/305) patients did not experience any adverse reaction post procedure.

Patients were asked to nominate where they had experienced nausea, vomiting, bruising at injection site, abdominal pain or wind pain. No patient identified any major adverse reaction post procedure and many responded that their reactions were very minor and resolved quickly. Several noted their reactions were only been notated as we had asked them to do so.

Post Procedure Responses

100% (305/305) of patients felt they were ready to go home at the time of discharge

100% (305/305) of patients responded they knew how to care for themselves

99.68% (304/305) of patients felt they knew the nature of their problem at discharge

100% (305/305) of patients felt they had been involved in the decision making process

100% (305/305) of patients felt their rights and responsibilities had been respected

70.16% (214/305) of respondents have previously attended the DEC for treatment.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

97.08% of respondents felt the service and care they received during their admission to the DEC was excellent; 2.62% felt it was good; and 0.03% felt it was satisfactory and no patients felt it was unsatisfactory.

Comments received

Here is a sample of comment received from our respondents:

  • Highly impressive by everything. Seen on time, treatment went without a hitch. Staff uniformly friendly and professional; doctors, nurses, anaesthetist, reception staff. Thank you
  • Very easy proves, everyone was very professional and pleasant
  • As always, I felt well looked after
  • What great morale and friendly staff. Thank you!
  • All staff were very professional, courteous and kind as well as helpful. Thanks to all
  • Fantastic staff. Made a procedure that can be daunting and unpleasant – feel like smooth sailing. Very pleasant and positive staff
  • Thank you for your care. Dr Wettstein was great and my GP was impressed by the quick report
  • Lovely staff and doctors. Very clean and tidy. Thank you
  • The reception staff and nurses who assisted were very professional and supportive. Thank you
  • Attentive staff –streamlined process
  • Great anaesthetist – I’m a nervous patient, she made me comfortable. Great nurses and doctors
  • The staff and doctor, nurses and anaesthetist were a credit to their profession. Can’t thank you enough
  • Impossible to improve on the whole service and procedures – well done
  • I thought the staff in the DEC charming, reassuring and professional – well done
  • A remarkably smooth and easy process from start to finish. Great staff inspire confidence.
  • The entire staff were more than fantastic. Thank you
  • Due to the “exciting” procedures – I cannot thank all staff enough for their care and friendly treatment. AWESOME
  • All staff extremely pleasant and most accommodating
  • Thrilled with my experience – from the first phone call to pick up – Thanks team
  • Dr Bariol and Dr Woods were both amazing and all nursing staff exceptional. Amazing reassuring team and consistent both time I’ve been. Thank you!
  • Very professional, friendly and excellent health care and service
  • I would like to thank Dr Suhirdan and Dr Brown for their genuine warmth in putting me at ease and for their fantastic communication skills. They are two of the finest examples as to what Doctors should be. One BIG thank you to both
  • The coffee was good too! And much appreciated post procedure
  • The staff were very friendly and attentive. Professional environment. Thank you
  • Thank you very much to the wonderful staff especially to Dr Feller
  • The nurses were happy, positive, and obliging. So were the reception girls. Good work
  • I would like to say that Dr Alina (Stoita), all the staff at reception and the nurses are excellent – both times I have been there. Thank you
  • Terrific
  • Attention from the nursing staff was superb!! “No nonsense” but efficient and kind doctors
  • A super team (as usual)!! They really look after you well
  • Excellent nursing care and organised administration
  • Professional – clean and safe – friendly – efficient
  • All staff treated with respect and were very kind and supportive

The DEC would like to thank all the patients and carers who took the time to complete this survey. The feedback we received is invaluable and will be used to enhance the services we provide.

If you would like to participate in our consumer focus group or assist us in any way with our processes please contact Ms Jan Elkin-Roberts (CEO) or Mrs Laine Perkuma (Director of Nursing) on 8382 6622.