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Private Health Insurance – which one is right for you?

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We are always hearing about private health insurance, how expensive it is, how you don’t get much back after seeing your doctor, GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE cover, extras cover or hospital cover or both. What level of cover is best? Which health fund is best? What does it all mean?

Private health insurance allows patients to make some choices in some situations. It allows you to choose your doctor of choice in the facility you would prefer to go. Well, some funds do whilst others don’t!

Whenever you are advised to seek specialist treatment, like a colonoscopy or gastroscopy, you are required to make several decision about where to go; who to see and how much will it cost.

At the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre we have agreed contracts with many health funds to decrease the out of pocket expenses you may incur. This includes costs for the doctor as well as for the bed and theatre fee. Our doctors participate in many of the no gap billing schemes for their fees which may result in no out of pocket expenses for their in hospital charges  to  you.

The out of pocket expenses you incur are dependent on the agreement you have entered into with your health fund. You may have agreed to pay a lesser annual premium which is offset by paying an excess of hospital admissions (payable by you on admission); you may have agreed to pay a co-payment for each hospital visit (usually $50 a day); you may have elected to not have “top” cover with your fund which results in you not being covered for all treatments in all facilities.

Private health insurance is a personal choice and it is important to review the level of cover you require against the annual. It is cost effective to ensure you are only paying for the services you require (e.g. you are in your 60s and are still paying for maternity services or you are in your 20s and are paying for hip replacement surgery or cataract surgery). We recommend you review your current policy against your current health needs by visiting one of the many sites which allows you to compare policies and costs.

Our reception staff are able to provide you with an estimation of fees prior to any admission to the DEC. Feel free to call them on 8382 6622 at any time.

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